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The silent one inside's Journal

23rd May, 2007. 9:20 am. My extended verse

Well I told everyone that i would post my final draft of my extended verse for everyone to read. so here it is. Any comments and feedback would be greatly appreciated. Also, i promise that i will start updating more. I feel like i need to get back into the swing of journaling just because it keeps me semi-sane. ok enjoy.

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i look to you to see the truth

28th September, 2005. 8:05 pm. i don't like 7am

well this is a busy week. I have been substituting at Springfield highschool all week. its not the most invigorating activity but its nice to be somewhat teaching again. However, most of the time has been spent reading books and waiting to be called for teacher coverages. But When i finally get a chance to get in a classroom, i have nothing but fun. Compared to chester, everything is pretty simple. I'm still shocked at the fact that i tell kids to stop talking and they actually LISTEN. could knock me over with a feather.

oh, and i saw the social studies teacher that used to teach next door to me when i was student teaching. this made me happy ;)

hmm, that's all i feel like typing.

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22nd September, 2005. 7:24 pm.

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22nd September, 2005. 10:39 am. i think all of those english classes destroyed me

true story. everytime i watch a movie or read a book, i get this uncontrollable urge to write an analyitcal essay completely picking apart every aspect; themes, plots, character foils, all of it. is that a weird thing? Especially when reading, i need to have some sort of outlet, whether it be verbal or written, to sort out my own feelings and thoughts on the subject at hand. i feel if i can't express my views on it, it sort of just stores itself up in my brain, festers and then dies.

why is it that i need constant stimulation in my brain? i guess i just feel as if my brain will atrophy and i will be left with nothing but goo. GOO. In college, and even when i was lecturing in the classroom, everything i said came out perfectly. It had a flow to it. now i feel like a stupid, monoslavic, cavewoman who can only express herself using noises, (which, endearing at times, is becoming too habitual). I need grad school soon before i will no longer be able to form complex sentences.

So, in order to rememdy this horrific and seemingly inevitable stupidity, lets start a book club. i know what you are thinking, "ew, that's such a soccer-van driving, oprah watching, menapause discussing, middle-aged woman type thing", but i think we should embrace it. any takers?

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17th September, 2005. 6:51 pm.

So wendi gave me a haircut, i like it, i think it looks super cute, she is officially my hair dresser. word

so yesterday was filled with a bunch of drunken bufoonery. me, adrienne and wendi decided to head to Pontiac (after we left kristen and tina at the dive) to see BUY STAR BOMBS play and meet up jandro, tunie matt and whoever else that was supposed to be going. Going to hardkorish concerts makes me feel good, lets me know that i'm not just a sappy little folky girl, i have some spunk in me after all. After watching some good music and dancing like a crazy, we decided it was time to head home. by this time wendi was a little spendi (ha) on alcohol and asked me to give her a piggy back ride. haha, apparently that was not a good idea.

When we got down to the bottom of the pontiac, wendi started to spoo up a bit, no big deal, at first. me and adrienne drug her away from the pontiac to a safer location only to reveal that she has been throwing up the entire time, her favorite location, my chest. haha. it's cool though, i'm immune.

After talking jandro out of a fist fight, dragging wendi down street, having the police tell us to aim her towards the sewer, kristen and tina, ever so kindly, picked our drunk asses up and headed back to their apartment where i remained half naked until my clothes were clean. Wendi was such a rock star, it was great, she was the martyr of south street. we spent the entire morning and afternoon recuperating and having a good time.

you know what i realize, when i'm a happy person, i never have actual insight in day to day events, i just sort of float around and have fun. i hope that's a good thing.

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16th September, 2005. 2:28 pm. Do it up (stolen from ei)

{ I want to have a complete soundtrack with one song from each of my friends. Pick one song (or more if you want) you want me to associate with you, then comment . You don't have to upload it. Just give me the name and artist, and I will find it myself. It can be your favorite song in the whole world, a recent favorite or just a song that you think really identifies you. }

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14th September, 2005. 1:05 am. attention

just so people don't think i'm a buttface. if you im me and i'm not answering its most likely bc my cat took off my away message (dancing on my keyboard is her pastime). so if i don't answer, dont' feel bad.

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12th September, 2005. 11:25 am. oh no

i think i've developed into a winker. did you hear me? a winker!!! who knew? i have to wash my hands just thinking about it.

in other news, i saw " the exorcist of emily rose" last night. Why do i do things like that to myself? needless to say, it was a good movie. not your typical horror film but freaky enough to have me wake up in the middle of the night, look at the alarm clock, 3:00 am, and then promptly poop myself. (if you saw the movie, you would understand the commencement of excretion). yep, that's all i have to say about that.

my mommom is in the hospital again, her blood sugar is something like 570, which is deathly high. but it turns out she hasn't taken her medicine in like 4 weeks ha. she was like "oh, i've stopped taking that" what? and the hospital gave her french toast, to a diabetic, so that didn't help her blood sugar either. i had to go in and raise hell. my mommom is way too laid back though. the doctor's asks "have you had any problems with your eyes" and she says "oh no, they are fine" (she's had tons of surguries to remove catarax from her eyes, which i had to remind her of) she didn't think that counted haha. hopefully she'll be out soon.

EAGLES games tonight, i got my shirt and i'm ready.

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1st September, 2005. 9:22 am.

now i know why they send girls to conditioning schools!

there are far too many rules for a wedding, you need a school to understand them all.

thank god i have no rights

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30th August, 2005. 4:58 pm.

i just know that i used to remember every little detail of my life bc everything meant so much. now i don't remember anything, events just breeze though my mind bc they aren't important

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