The silent one inside (beatnik728) wrote,
The silent one inside

i think all of those english classes destroyed me

true story. everytime i watch a movie or read a book, i get this uncontrollable urge to write an analyitcal essay completely picking apart every aspect; themes, plots, character foils, all of it. is that a weird thing? Especially when reading, i need to have some sort of outlet, whether it be verbal or written, to sort out my own feelings and thoughts on the subject at hand. i feel if i can't express my views on it, it sort of just stores itself up in my brain, festers and then dies.

why is it that i need constant stimulation in my brain? i guess i just feel as if my brain will atrophy and i will be left with nothing but goo. GOO. In college, and even when i was lecturing in the classroom, everything i said came out perfectly. It had a flow to it. now i feel like a stupid, monoslavic, cavewoman who can only express herself using noises, (which, endearing at times, is becoming too habitual). I need grad school soon before i will no longer be able to form complex sentences.

So, in order to rememdy this horrific and seemingly inevitable stupidity, lets start a book club. i know what you are thinking, "ew, that's such a soccer-van driving, oprah watching, menapause discussing, middle-aged woman type thing", but i think we should embrace it. any takers?
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