The silent one inside (beatnik728) wrote,
The silent one inside

oh no

i think i've developed into a winker. did you hear me? a winker!!! who knew? i have to wash my hands just thinking about it.

in other news, i saw " the exorcist of emily rose" last night. Why do i do things like that to myself? needless to say, it was a good movie. not your typical horror film but freaky enough to have me wake up in the middle of the night, look at the alarm clock, 3:00 am, and then promptly poop myself. (if you saw the movie, you would understand the commencement of excretion). yep, that's all i have to say about that.

my mommom is in the hospital again, her blood sugar is something like 570, which is deathly high. but it turns out she hasn't taken her medicine in like 4 weeks ha. she was like "oh, i've stopped taking that" what? and the hospital gave her french toast, to a diabetic, so that didn't help her blood sugar either. i had to go in and raise hell. my mommom is way too laid back though. the doctor's asks "have you had any problems with your eyes" and she says "oh no, they are fine" (she's had tons of surguries to remove catarax from her eyes, which i had to remind her of) she didn't think that counted haha. hopefully she'll be out soon.

EAGLES games tonight, i got my shirt and i'm ready.
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What's a winker?

This better be pretty horrible!
a person who winks alot. a winker.

where are you young lady? sheesh
At Swarthmore there is a game called Wink, and it's played primarily by the science fiction club kids. So "winker" could have had a different meaning if you knew this game, too.